The project of the Touristic Promotion of Lesvos was successfully completed. The aim of the project was to increase awareness of Lesvos Island as a tourist destination, by promoting its tourism resources to foreigners and Greeks Tour Operators and through internet and tourism promotion exhibitions in general public.

The whole project was implemented by the company INTRAWAY, following a contract signed on 8 May 2015. Despite the short duration of the project, the company completed and delivered the project deliverables which were all accepted.

The excellent cooperation between the Contractor and the Contracting Authority (Municipality of Lesvos) was instrumental in achieving a smooth and successful project completion. The following promotional activities where implemented successfully with the guidelines and the specification requirements:

  • Branding / Positioning Study
  • Participation in Tourist Fair’s
    • 84th Izmir International Fair
    • PHILOXENIA 2015 – 31st International Tourism Fair
    • HOTELIA 2015
  • Business Missions and Opinion-Shaping- Famtrips
    • Mission of Russians Representatives
    • Mission of Turks Representatives
  • Promotional messages on the Internet – Internet Campaign
  • Creation of printed material and Exhibition Banners
  • Creation and Production of Video Spots
  • Digitalization and Interactive presentation of all printed and audiovisual material

All material created was digitalized and posted on this website which was created for this purpose.