Printing of three thematic guides and a folder with informative material, a map and three Exhibition Banners.
For the implementation of this action the conclusions of the Branding positioning study were taken under consideration together with the recommendations of the municipal bodies. The 3 thematic guides were the following:

  1. Subject “Journey back in time”: This guide follows the reader in a journey through time. It’s a description of all the historical periods of the island from the prehistoric to modern times.
  2. Subject “Nature & Environment”: All available activities are presented to the visitor (walking, hiking and cycling),the Geopark of Unesco and the History Museum in Sigri.
  3. Subject “Unique Vacations”: A tour of the island on the religious heritage, cuisine and thermal baths is presented to the reader.

The 3 banners were designed accordingly as well as the maps and folders.
A total of 20,000 thematic publications, 10,000 maps, 3 thematic exhibition banners in three languages (English, Greek and German) and 5.000 folders in Greek and English were delivered to the Municipality of Lesvos.
Part of the publications were distributed in Athens on the occasion of the candidacy of Lesvos for the title of Cultural Capital of Europe 2021 and during the visit of Turkish Representatives of the press in Lesvos.

Brochures in greek

Φύση – Περιβάλλον

Ταξίδι στο χρόνο

Παραθεριστικές Διακοπές


Brochures in english

Nature & Environment

A journey back in time

Unique Vacations


Brochures in german

Natur – Umwelt

Reise in die Zeit